Instantly take files from PC/Mac and view

What's New in Version 1.32

You can now pin your favorite files to the top of the list by long pressing on the file and selecting "Pin to top" from the context menu. This makes it easy to get to your favorite files quickly even if you got a large number of files in a directory, no more heavy scrolling!

How iFileExpress works with

We highly recommend you to use iFileExpress with iFunBox, which is one of the best app/file managers for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Click to find more. Okay, let's see how to upload files to iFileExpress.

Step 1 - Drag & Drop

iFunBox for Windows: Open iFunBox, drag & drop the file to: User Applications > iFileExpress > Documents. You can either drop files or use 'Copy From PC' to the Documents folder, or a specific folder for certain type of files. For example, put PDF files in Documents/docs folder.

Same with iFunBox for Mac

Step 2 - Refresh

Files put in the Documents folder will be automatically dispatched to subfolders (e.g. docs) according to file types. Let's open iFileExpress, select the proper tab bar item and press the refresh button on the upper right corner. Now, you are good to go!